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About Us


In 2018, after nearly four years of ongoing community engagement by regional stakeholders, a group of committed Mason-Deerfield business and community leaders began to coalesce around a purpose: to identify the components of a unified community vision for the future of the MADE Region. The first step was to follow one of the recommendations that came from the Regional Action Agenda: to create an independent, charitable entity “connected to the chamber that is capable of receiving donations, grants and other monies that could further strategic implementation and other community and economic development needs.”


Founded in partnership with the MADE Chamber and the Downtown Mason Association, the MADE Chamber Community Development Corporation (MADECDC) was established with a broad mandate: to focus and coordinate public and private efforts to grow our region into a more healthy, vibrant, successful and resilient place to live, learn, work and play. MADE CDC’s purpose is progress: to focus public and private investment on improving local places where people live, work and visit. MADECDC’s tangible results will include new and expanded businesses, better places to live, safer and more appealing streets and buildings, transportation and access to jobs, schools and recreational opportunities. Less tangible, but no less important, is the potential for improvement to the quality of life experienced by those who live, work and visit here. As an Ohio nonprofit community development corporation, MADECDC is uniquely suited to the crucial role of representing, coordinating and communicating the non-partisan interests of the general public across organizational and governmental boundaries.


The first priority for MADECDC was to develop a Strategic Prosperity Plan (SPP) that would:

  • aggregate the findings and plans from all the Region’s organizations and analyses;

  • create a framework for long-term success that could be responsive to those findings;

  • efficiently direct the employment of available resources to grow our community into a more dynamic, healthy, and resilient place to live, learn, work, and play.

MADECDC Strategy for Prosperity

MADECDC’s strategy enables measurable success by leveraging fundamental development concepts and available resources to grow our community into a more dynamic, healthy, and resilient place to live, learn, work, and play.

MADECDC will identify places in the region where conditions indicate underperformance can be remedied by employing existing resources and attracting new ones to enhance capacity, improve assets, increase property values, and create on-going economic and social activity.  Within those sections, MADECDC will lead projects to address underperforming conditions using existing or newly created programs via two techniques: community development and private/public partnerships. 

MADECDC Tax Information and Status

MADECDC is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, and is a tax-exempt organization. MADECDC's federal tax ID is #27-0091032 and a copy of our IRS Letter of Determination and proof of tax ID can be found HERE. 

Meet MADECDC's Board and Staff


Scott Jones



John Kramer



Randy Kuvin

Vice Chair/ Treasurer

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Kacey Richards



Sherry Taylor


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