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Our Projects

Process to Identify Projects

MADECDC will identify specific projects within a targeted section of the region on which to work.  With each project, the MADECDC will identify its vision, outline a strategy and approach, and create a tactical plan for implementation including the resources needed.   


Criteria for where, and when, to engage include:

  • A sizeable population or neighborhood

  • Geographic or industry boundaries with underperforming assets or markets and economic throughput and analysis indicates a likelihood of improved outcomes as a result of action

  • Presence of interested (social, religious, educational, government) public agencies

  • Existence of, or potential for, property aggregation that could yield operational mass

  • Capacity and desire to address the problem exists

  • External conditions suggest resolution would be accretive to the region

Project Resources

  • Investments by private individuals and institutions

  • Loans or gifts from private individuals or organizations

  • Fee and/or profit generating activities and projects

  • Publicly owned assets including land and buildings

  • Public agency loans and grants

  • Tax incentives from local governments


Downtown Mason

Revitalization of the Downtown Mason corridor coming soon.

Coming Soon

Pay It Forward

Small business relief grant program for the Mason area.

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