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Coordinating public and private efforts so that the Mason Deerfield region becomes a more dynamic, healthy, and resilient place to live, learn, work and play.

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The MADE Chamber Community Development Corporation (MADECDC) was created in partnership with key leaders in the region.

Developed to identify the components of a unified community vision for the future of the MADE Region.

Mandated to focus and coordinate public and private efforts to grow our region into a more healthy, vibrant, successful and resilient place to live, learn, work and play.


MADECDC's Purpose

Progress - we focus public and private investment on improving the region.

Our Vision

To be globally recognized as the place with:

  • the most innovative education system for everyone;

  • a growing, highly-skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers for decades;

  • The most supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem that produces and retains businesses of all types;

  • groups of informed, engaged and emotionally connected people who are actively shaping the community through servant leadership;

  • thriving and inclusive neighborhoods with placemaking at their core;

  • more arts, culture and recreational amenities than our size warrants;

  • the healthiest community – physically and emotionally;

  • the most unconventional but impactful partnerships;

  • the best story to tell and storytellers telling it best.

P&G Nike Grand Opening - External Guests

Our Goals

  1. Strengthen Existing Business​

  2. Attract Talent

  3. ​Diversify the Economy

  4. Support Entrepreneurial Ventures​

  5. Cultivate Servant Leadership

  6. ​Enhance Community Capacity​

Contact us:

316 West Main Street
Mason, OH 45040

(513) 336-0125

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