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MADECDC’s purpose is Progress by focusing public and private investment on improving the MADE region.


With a prioritized list of initiatives, MADECDC’s strategy drives success by leveraging fundamental development concepts and available resources to grow our community into a more vibrant, connected, prosperous and resilient place to live, learn, work, and play.


As part of its offering to existing companies, MADECDC is introducing MADE HUB; developed to position companies in our region for growth by providing three key building blocks of support.

space for growth, resources for strategic growth, and access to a community of like-minded businesses. 



When combined with great products and services, these tools can help position companies so they “Grow to Go,” meaning companies that join a MADE HUB grow and go on to bigger things.


The first hub is focused on manufacturing thanks to DFL Group, LLC, who is renovating a 90,000 square foot, single tenant manufacturing facility, and transforming it into a multi- purpose/multi-tenant manufacturing hub, located near downtown Mason. MADE HUB for Manufacturing offers 1)space for growth, whether it’s office space for growing teams or manufacturing space for increased production    2) experts and resources who help leaders create a strategic growth plan and 3) a community of like-minded people who share best practices and build valuable relationships. Early 2023, we expect to have several growing manufacturers utilizing the space, building valuable relationships, and developing growth plans.


For additional information on MADE HUB for Manufacturing or additional MADE HUB opportunities, contact MADECDC at

Where you grow to go

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